NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Sale Horses/DHS iPad Sale Horse App

To Download the Digital Horse Services iPad App simply follow the instructions below:


1. Download the iPad App from the iTunes Store. Search for DHS Sale Horses or click the following link:


2. Once it is installed open it up and go to the Settings (top right corner).


3. Input the following login information for the NRCHA Futurity Sale Horses:

Owner # - 74

Password - sale


4. switch the remember password option and click Login.


5. Once you are logged in you should see the number of available videos to download. Click on Sync Sale Horse Videos.

The Sync Process time will depend on your Internet Connection. We recommend that you be connected to a Wifi connection during download.


6. After the download is complete click on the done button in the top right corner and begin picking out your next Champion!