2011 NRCHA Select 2 Year-Old Sale - Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Hip# 180 - RLH Texas Playboy
 Hip# Name Age Color Sex Sire Dam Consignor
 134     Short And Smart 2009 Sorrel Stallion Smart Little Lena Miss Shorty Paloma Tom & Carmen Buckingham
 134     Barneys A Tomcat 2009 Palomino Gelding Tomcat Chex Karenlee Lena Lee A. Livingston
 134     Fine Chili Starlight 2008 Sorrel Mare Light N Fine Smokums Chili Pepper John Blackburn
 135     Pastels Cash Quixote 2009 Sorrel Gelding Pastels Smart Lena Litas Cash Register Mark & Lisa Bernhardt
 136     Mister Right 2009 Bay Gelding Mister Smart Remedy Ali Hickory Jon Roeser
 137     Unnamed 2009 Bay Stallion Bermuda Hickory Paddys Pepsi Lena Sean Howard, Agent for Kenny Strickland
 138     Playboy Rey 09 2009 Sorrel Stallion Dual Rey SR Gin Again Mike & Connie Todd
 139     RPL Autumn Duece 2009 Chestnut Stallion Autumn Acre Ruby Duece Davis Bros Perf Horses LLC
 140     Honey Bees 2009 Red Roan Mare Peptoboonsmal Savannah Hickory Brad Lund, Agent for Eric Dunn
 141     My Favorite Remedy 2009 Bay Mare Very Smart Remedy Gunna Be Mine Anne M. Reynolds, Agent for J. Pearson
 142     Wright On Rachel 2009 Bay Mare Lenas Wright On Shesa Lota Nic Luke Jones
 144     Cats Pitchfork 09 2009 Bay Mare WR This Cats Smart Pitchforks Lena Justin & Kelcie Lawrence
 147     Smart Desmo Cat 2009 Sorrel Gelding WR This Cats Smart Magical Lena Christa Lena Hickory
 148     Very Black Magic 2009 Black Stallion Very Smart Remedy Magical Lena Anne M. Reynolds, Agent for J. Pearson
 151     Seemslike Ol Times 2009 Sorrel Mare One Time Pepto Old Times Ones Terry & Brit Ratto
 152     San Rio Olena 2009 Brown Mare Bobs Hickory Rio Tina Bar Peppy Richard L. Hayes II
 153     Pastels Smart Tivito 2009 Sorrel Mare Pastels Smart Lena Flyin Hai Tivito Mark & Lisa Bernhardt
 154     RR One Fine Time 2009 Sorrel Mare Peptotime Cats N Jammers Darrel & Cari Norcutt
 155     Rebel Little Boon 2009 Sorrel Mare Boon A Little Conchita Gay Rebel Shawn Hays, Agent for Spear Seven LLC
 156     Chu Are My Starlight 2009 Sorrel Stallion Chula Dual Amanda Starlight Terry & Brit Ratto
 157     Hickorys Last Light 2009 Bay Stallion Bobs Hickory Rio Amanda Light Richard L. Hayes II
 158     Two Kitties 2009 Sorrel Mare Smooth As A Cat Sr Jaguar Steve Kovacs, Agent for Sally Fisher
 161     Hes Got The Spot 2009 Sorrel Gelding Spots Hot Cat Baleena Terry & Brit Ratto
 163     One Cute Boonie 2009 Sorrel Mare One Time Pepto Little Lena Boon Doug Koontz
 165     Oaks In Montana 2009 Sorrel Gelding Mister Montana Nic Oak Ill Be Todd Crawford, Agent for KC Performance Horses
 166     Pantera Pepto 2009 Red Roan Mare Peptoboonsmal Rio Gato Terry & Brit Ratto
 167     Fancy One Time 2009 Sorrel Stallion One Time Pepto Fancy Handle Tom & Carmen Buckingham
 168     Spoonful Of Courage 2009 Red Roan Stallion Hes A Peptospoonful Roseanna Dual Doug Koontz
 169     Tootsie Rey Time 2009 Sorrel Stallion One Time Pepto Tootsie Rey Cayley Wilson, Agent for Sarah & Judd Sherman
 170     Hoo Talks Money 2009 Sorrel Mare Meradas Money Talks Hoo Doo My Lena Pamela J. Crawford
 171     CD Olenas Jewel 2009 Sorrel Stallion CD Olena Southern Jewels Luke Jones, Agent for Kenneth J. Schueller
 172     PRF Smooth Operator 2009 Sorrel Stallion Smooth As A Cat Sons Miss Sprat Davis Bros Perf Horses LLC
 173     High Brow Magic 2009 Chestnut Mare Chics Magic Potion XL High Dolly Lyn Anderson
 174     Wink A Day 2009 Bay Gelding Cat Ichi The Whole Day Matt Day
 175     Smartanna Gal 2009 Bay Mare Bermuda Hickory KF Smart Anna Sean Howard, Agent for Kenny Strickland
 177     One Time Bugsy 2009 Sorrel Gelding One Time Pepto High Brow Lady Cat Todd Crawford
 178     This Cats A Chic 2009 Bay Stallion Smart Lil Highbrow Smart Chic Aloha Ken & Ramona Wold
 179     Smoking Lights 2009 Sorrel Stallion CD Lights Playgirls Smokinllena Darren Miller
 180     RLH Texas Playboy 2009 Red Roan Gelding Yellow Roan Of Texas RLH Playdoxsdynamite Richard L. Hayes II
 181     Too Long Til Autumn 2009 Chestnut Stallion Autumn Acre Lil Lena Long Legs Justin & Kelcie Lawrence
 182     WR Dual Cats Smart 2009 Sorrel Stallion WR This Cats Smart Dualano Lloyd Moore
 183     Sweet Lil Oak 2009 Bay Stallion Sweet Lil Pepto Oak N Sugs UFO Roeser Ranch Company, Agent
 184     Swingin Around 2009 Bay Stallion Nitro Dual Doc Swingin Star Lady Corey Cushing, Agent for Allan Kaplan
 185     A Hearts Remedy 2009 Bay Gelding Heart Of A Fox Miss Macy Remedy Jon Roeser
 186     Betsys Avatar 2009 Sorrel Mare WR This Cats Smart Betsys Boonsmal Todd Bergen Performance Horses
 187     Bud E Holly 2009 Chestnut Gelding Nic It In The Bud Spark N Loulena Jake Telford, Agent for Newt White
 188     Kit Cat Kaboom 2009 Red Roan Mare Nitro Dual Doc Kit Cat Merada Shadd Parkinson Perf Horses, Agent for Allan Kaplan
 190     Heart Stoppin Fox 2009 Bay Gelding Heart Of A Fox Mini Me Jon Roeser
 191     Spots Hotrod 2009 Sorrel Stallion Spots Hot Miss Dual Pepto Sandy Collier, Agent for Tammy Fink
 192     Maximum Spoonful 2009 Gray Stallion Hes A Peptospoonful PG Maxine Terry & Brit Ratto
 194     Maizy Day 2009 Palomino Mare Cat Ichi Jazz A Lee Debbie & T. J. Day
 501     SV Fox In Sox 2009 Bay Gelding Heart Of A Fox Satin Playboy Claire Hanssen