2015 NRCHA Select 2 Year-Old Sale - Friday, October 2, 2015

Click on the Hip Numbers to Preview the Sale Horses listed below:
Hip# 330 - Smart Rey Star
 Hip# Name Age Color Sex Sire Dam Consignor
 301     CP Ruff N Catty 2013 Sorrel Stallion Backdoor Cat Lil Miss Ruf N Nic Cal Poly Corporation
 302     Kissed By Remedy 2013 Sorrel Gelding Very Smart Remedy Kiss My Shiny Lips Jake Telford, Agent
 303     Neat Little Player 2013 Sorrel Mare Neat Little Cat Stylish Sweet Acre Scott Wagner
 304     Doctor Spark 2013 Sorrel Stallion Very Smart Remedy Magic Sparkles Anne Reynolds, Agent
 304A     Sophistikit 2013 Sorrel Mare Sophisticated Catt Cougars Hickory John Bishop
 305     Cats Genuine Shiner 2013 Sorrel Stallion Cats Moonshine Jasons Sunshine Todd Crawford, Agent
 306     Hickory Time 2013 Sorrel Stallion One Time Pepto Play Miss Hickory Tom or Carmen Buckingham
 308     Lil Starlight Shines 2013 Sorrel Gelding Shady Lil Starlight Kiss My Shiny Lips Jake Telford, Agent
 309     Just Playin Cats RG 2013 Sorrel Stallion Just Playin Smart Miss Cats Merada Brendon Clark
 310     Very Smart N Sassi 2013 Sorrel Mare Very Smart Remedy Rox The Boat Bear Creek Ranch QH, Dan Heath
 312     Cats Overboard 2013 Sorrel Mare Metallic Cat Miss Sea Rey Justin & Kelcie Lawerence
 314     Smart Metallicat 2013 Sorrel Stallion Metallic Cat Smart Little Livie Sorensens Cowhorses, Agent
 316     Catty Cayracter 2013 Sorrel Mare High Brow Cat Oh Cay With Me Richard Wright
 317     Smooth Seas 2013 Red Roan Stallion Smooth As A Cat Spoonful Of Seahorse Sorensens Cowhorses, Agent
 318     Very Smart Remchic 2013 Sorrel Mare Very Smart Remedy Smart Catalena KL Quarter Horses, Larry Joiner
 319     Hearts Smart Remedy 2013 Bay Gelding Heart Of A Fox PSB Smart Remedy Sprig Haven Farms
 320     Play Dual Banjos 2013 Chestnut Stallion Play Dual Rey Banjoish Hinton / Crawford, Agent
 320A     Pretty Black Cat 2013 Sorrel Stallion Pretty Boy Cat Royal Black Cat John Bishop
 321     This Cats No Angel 2013 Sorrel Gelding WR This Cats Smart Nics Lil Angel Cayley Wilson Performance Horses, Cayley Wilson
 322     High Brow Falutin 2013 Sorrel Gelding High Brow CD TM Quiver Jim Neubert
 323     Royal Texas Cat 2013 Red Roan Stallion Metallic Cat CD Royal Joyful Davis Brothers Performance
 323A     Dual Reyflection 2013 Sorrel Stallion Dual Rey Peppy Squeak Rex Rossol
 324A     This Shiners A Cat 2014 Sorrel Gelding WR This Cats Smart Sue C Shiner Craig and Susie Boyd
 325     Royal Snacks 2013 Bay Mare CD Royal Chic Snacks Freitas Cowhorses, Eric Freitas
 326     Very Smart Pepto 2013 Red Roan Stallion Very Smart Remedy Da Royal Pepto Anne M. Reynolds
 327     Dual Shotofmoonshine 2013 Sorrel Gelding Cats Moonshine Sami O Dual Pedro & Mandy Lizama
 328     Reychell 2013 Sorrel Mare Play Dual Rey Babes Home Advantage Hinton / Crawford, Agent
 329     Little Roan Rider 2013 Bay Roan Gelding Flo Rider Lil Juicy Fruit Jacob Pinheiro
 330     Smart Rey Star 2013 Sorrel Mare Dual Smart Rey Sugar O Starlight Richard Wright
 331     Kiss A Cat 2013 Bay Roan Mare Metallic Cat Cuttin It Short Lena Brad Lund, Agent
 333     Smart N Shiney Cat 2013 Sorrel Stallion WR This Cats Smart Winenshineme Todd Crawford, Agent
 334     C Platinum Cat 2013 Bay Roan Stallion Metallic Cat Sweetie Wild Child Davis Brothers Performance
 335     Smart Taffinic 2013 Brown Gelding Smart Little Pepinic Plain N Taffy XO Cowhorses, Van Batchelder
 336     Just Like Rio 2013 Brown Gelding Smart Zanolena Chex Out This Day Wrights Quarter Horses, Justin Wright
 337     Metallic Look 2013 Sorrel Stallion Metallic Cat Smart Lookin Hi Brow Justin & Kelcie Lawerence
 337A     Very Sassy Remedy 2013 Chestnut Mare Very Smart Remedy May Bell Pep Russell Probert
 338     Wild Haired Hubella 2013 Bay Mare Wild Haired Cat Connie Quixote Crawford & Fitzgerald, Agent
 339     WRS Quick Silver 2013 Sorrel Stallion WR This Cats Smart Meradas Quick Silver Tom or Carmen Buckingham
 340     High Brows Courage 2013 Sorrel Stallion High Brow CD Playguns Courage Louis Schuette
 341     RR Spookscatinaround 2013 Sorrel Stallion Spookystimetoshine Catacre Davis Brothers Performance
 342     Scootin Boss 2013 Bay Mare CD Lights Scootin Brinks Hansma / Steffen, Agent
 343     Georgee 2013 Chestnut Gelding Stylish Rey Peppys Classy Sassy Lucava Farms Inc.
 344     Pepelita 2013 Sorrel Stallion Smart Little Pepinic Freckelita Tom or Carmen Buckingham
 345     Remedy On The Bay 2013 Chestnut Gelding Very Smart Remedy Starlight On The Bay Dan & Christie Capik
 349     Starlight Genie 2013 Sorrel Mare Stylish Rey Starlight Playgirl Lucava Farms Inc.
 350     Smart Red Cat 2013 Sorrel Gelding WR This Cats Smart Hiadas Youngster Five Star Land & Livestock, Mark K. Nelson
 351     My Dream Boss 2013 Sorrel Mare CD Lights Playboys Dream Girl Hansma / Steffen, Agent
 352     Cash Master T 2013 Palomino Stallion Cat T Masterson Nu Cash Box Sorensens Cowhorses, Agent
 353     Reyzer Jay 2013 Chestnut Stallion Dual Rey Missuma Tom or Carmen Buckingham
 354     Please Momma Please 2013 Brown Mare Moms Silverado Cat Arc Cee Me Please Todd Crawford, Agent
 355     Quixote Diamond Girl 2013 Sorrel Mare Cats Quixote Jack Fields of Diamonds Wrights Quarter Horses, Justin Wright
 356     Dual N Tomcat 2013 Sorrel Stallion Tomcat Chex Dual N Mary Louis Schuette