2011 NRHA Futurity Prospect Sale - Saturday, December 3, 2011

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Hip# 9 - Awhiz Called Wanda
 Hip# Name Age Color Sex Sire Dam Consignor
 1     Mr Twister Whiz 2009 Sorrel Colt Topsail Whiz Meerly Chic Olena Cody Stark, Agent
 10     Ms Lil Skeets Annie 2009 Sorrel Filly Skeets Peppy Oaks Little Annie Vaughn C. Zimmerman
 11     Annies Little Wimpy 2009 Palomino Filly Wimpys Little Step Oaks Little Annie Vaughn C. Zimmerman
 12     Ms Suga Spark 2009 Sorrel Filly Jacs Electric Spark Oh Suga Lu Yonathan Baruch
 14     She Runs Thebases 2009 Sorrel Filly Rowdy Yankee Pennys For Sal Mike & Barbi Boyle
 15     Peppys Sugar Nic 2009 Bay Colt Skeets Peppy Pepper Sugarnic Justin M. Zimmerman
 16     Ready To Spook 2009 Chestnut Filly Smart Spook Ready Make Cowboy Todd Sommers
 17     Spook Reyns 2009 Palomino Mare Smart Spook Reyn Chex Sterling Ranch
 18     Chex Out My Wimp 2009 Sorrel Stallion Wimpys Little Step RM Chexicallie Rose Xtra Quarter Horses, LLC
 19     Cute Chics Dig Me 2009 Sorrel Stallion Smart Chic Olena Roosters Cute Wilson Xtra Quarter Horses, LLC
 2     Thiscolonelsstepnout 2009 Sorrel Colt Wimpys Little Step Mia Colonel Quiote Hickory Creek Ranch, LLC
 21     Mr Electric Spark 2009 Bay Colt Jacs Electric Spark Sailin Rowdy Mathieu Buton
 23     Shining Rosebud 2009 Bay Filly Nic It In The Bud Shiners Lena Ciela Trey Pool
 24     Shez A Shining Gun 2009 Sorrel/Overo Filly Cononels Smoking Gun Shining Little Peach Hickory Creek Ranch, LLC
 25     Wrangle Proof 2009 Sorrel Colt Wrangle Whiz Shining Proof Hickory Creek Ranch, LLC
 27     JSE Smart Gun 2009 Bay Colt Colonels Smoking Gun Smart Blue Frost Steve Ross, Agent for Butch Coggins Hip
 28     Shining Sparktolena 2009 Red Roan Filly Shining Spark Smart Peptolena Hickory Creek Ranch, LLC
 29     Wimpys Lucky Girl 2009 Sorrel Filly Wimpys Little Step Solanos Cracker Liam MacNeill Reining Horses
 3     Commanders Lil Step 2009 Sorrel Colt Wimpys Little Step Miss Bam Bam Command Vaughn C. Zimmerman
 30     Starlight Revolution 2009 Bay Colt Einstiens Revolution Spooks Twilight Main River Quarter Horses
 31     Am A Rio By Morning 2009 Palomino Colt Dual Smart Rey Sport Model Rio Armenta Quarter Horses
 32     Make A Little Step 2009 Palomino Filly Wimpys Little Step SR Mischief Maker Steve Ross
 33     Starlights And Wimpy 2009 Chestnut Mare Wimpys Little Step Starlights Legacy Southern Bloodstock, agent John A. Irish
 34     Sparklin Starlite 2009 Palomino Mare Shining Spark Starlite Belladonna Sunrise Ranch, agent Jason Vanlandingham
 35     Pharlap Whiz 2009 Sorrel Colt Topsail Whiz Steady Smart Girl Bob Loomis
 36     Wimpysalittlesmart 2009 Palomino Colt Wimpys Little Step Sween N Smart (P) Steve Ross
 37     Whizin Wimpy 2009 Sorrel Mare Wimpys Little Step Tari Whiz Peggy Lovejoy
 38     Electric Fence 2009 Red Dun Filly Jacs Electric Spark Taris In Hollywood Hickory Creek Ranch
 39     Taris Dreamer 2009 Sorrel Colt Magnum Chic Dream Taris San Cutter Ronald Thompson
 4     Sophistakitten 2009 Sorrel Filly Sophisticated Cat Miss Dual Lena Yonathan Baruch
 40     Revolutionary Gal 2009 Sorrel Filly Einsteins Revolution Taris Tomorrow Harold Lepler
 41     Tuck Away Cash 2009 Sorrel Filly Big Chex To Cash Tuckerette Command Checker XII Ranch
 42     UB Smokin Gun 2009 Chestnut Colt Colonels Smoking Gun UB Stylin With Me Mark Bradford
 44     Whizin Tinsel 2009 Palomino Stallion Tinsel Nic Whizen Off Sparks Rosanne Sternberg, agent Jason Vanlandingham
 45     Custom Legend Maker 2009 Chestnut Colt Custom Legend Zans Diamond Lass Steve SImon
 46     Sunshine N Waves 2009 Bay Colt Tidal Wave Jack Zans Sunshine Hickory Creek Ranch, LLC
 47     SDP A Lasting Step 2009 Sorrel Mare Wimpys Little Step A Lasting Affair Xtra Quarter Horses, LLC
 48     Don Luigi 2009 Palomino Stallion Don Quintana Baby Dolls And Juice Sunny Pines Farm
 49     Rawhides Lil Benz 2009 Red Dun Colt Dunit Rawhide Barb A Cita Jackie Krshka & Pete Kyle
 5     Whizper To Me 2009 Gray Stallion Topsail Whiz Miss Oxbow Aledo Jason Vanlandingham
 50     Whizzer Whiz 2009 Bay Colt Topsail Whiz Best By Tari Bob Loomis
 51     Wranglers Rowdy Whiz 2009 Bay Colt Wrangler Whiz Blazing In Black Hickory Creek Ranch
 52     Dun It With My Gun 2009 Sorrel Filly Colonels Smoking Gun Cee Dun It Do It David Silva
 53     Wimpys Lil Boom 2009 Sorrel Filly Wimpys Little Step Cheeky Boom Hickory Creek Ranch, LLC
 54     Forty Five Caliber 2009 Sorrel Colt Colonels Smoking Gun Chex N Ginger Sammy Graham
 55     Electric Benz 2009 Sorrel Stallion Jacs Electric Spark Chick Ina Benz Vickers Western Stores (Wild West Perf, Agent)
 56     Whiz Starbrite 2009 Bay Filly Topsail Whiz Chics Starlight Jerry W Fowler
 57     Circle My Shiner 2009 Sorrel Colt Smart Shiner Circle My Starlet Ronald Thompson
 58     Playing For Cash 2009 Palomino/Overo Stallion Big Chex To Cash Colonel Four Play Mary Jansma (Bozidar Ranch)
 59     Wimpys Traditionstep 2009 Palomino Colt Wimpys Little Step DA Steady Lil Peppy Yonathan Baruch
 6     Shining Cat Quixote 2009 Palomino Colt Shining Spark Miss Puro Cat Cottonwood Springs Ranch, Rancho el Bailon, Agt
 62     All Nite Spook 2009 Sorrel Colt Smart Spook Dun It Fri Dee Nite Ronald Thompson
 63     Solitary Gunner 2009 Sorrel Filly Colonels Smoking Gun Dun It In Tinseltown David Silva
 64     R U With Me 2009 Bay Filly Lean With Me Dun It Quixote Winfield Farms
 65     Steeve Nic 2009 Black Filly Tinsel Nic Dun Its Little Angel Steling Ranch
 66     Dunnitlikeawimp 2009 Palomino Filly Wimpys Little Step Dun Lost My Freckles Mathison Reining Horses
 68     Starbrights Spook 2009 Chestnut Filly Smart Spook Genuine Starlight Lance Griffin
 7     Whiz N Twist 2009 Bay FIlly Topsail Whiz Miss Solano Twist Mathison Reining Horses
 70     I Got Wimpy 2009 Sorrel/Overo Colt Wimpys Little Step Gunner Getcha Arcese Quarter Horses USA
 72     Whiz Stunt Man 2009 Chestnut Colt Topsail Whiz Hollywood Stunt Girl Bob Loomis
 73     Stuntman Whiz 2009 Palomino Colt West Coast Whiz Hollywood Stunt Girl Bob Loomis
 74     Applebottom Genes 2009 Sorrel Filly Topsail Whiz Ibe Not For Sale Winfield Farms
 75     Reminics Pepto 2009 Red Roan Stallion Imasmartpepto In Your Eyes Steve Worman (Francois Gauthier, Agent)
 76     Spin To Win Whiz 2009 Palomino Colt Conquistador Whiz Jacspins Darling Ronald Thompson
 77     Jesses Major Affair 2009 Sorrel Colt Major Vaquero Jesses Affair Hickory Creek Ranch, LLC
 78     Hannah Shinetana 2009 Palomino Colt Shining Spark JRC Quixote O Lena Garth Brown, Agent
 79     Justa Twisted Gun 2009 Bay/Overo Mare Colonels Smoking Gun Justa Little Twisted Victoria Lambert (Sam Smith, Agent)
 8     West Coast Willy 2009 Bay Colt West Coast Whiz Ms Suzie Vanderhusie Bob Loomis
 80     ARC Lil Ruf Walla 2009 Sorrel Colt Walla Walla Whiz Lil Ruf Lady Arcese Quarter Horses USA
 81     Custom Tag Chex 2009 Red Roan Filly Custom Crome Lindy Tag Lance Griffin
 82     Gun For Hire 2009 Sorrel/Overo Colt Colonels Smoking Gun Little Patrasha Gump Harold Lepler
 83     Bella Mina Whiz 2009 Chestnut Mare Conquistador Whiz Little Smart Shiner Jim Dudley, Agent
 84     Cromeless 2009 Bay Colt Custom Crom Love Em N Lena Camela Essick (Pacific Range Ranch, Agent)
 85     Stars In Montana 2009 Bay Filly Mister Montana Nic Luz Del Conquistador Hickory Creek Ranch, LLC
 9     Awhiz Called Wanda 2009 Chestnut Filly Walla Walla Whiz No Need To Talk Sherman Tegtmeier, Agent