2012 NRHA Marketplace Sale - Friday, November 30, 2012

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Hip# 45 - Name Pending
 Hip# Name Age Color Sex Sire Dam Consignor
 1     Smart Like Bonnie 2011 Bay Filly Smart Like Juice Sanjo Bonnie John Lloyd
 2     Einsteins Wish 2011 Dun Filly Einsteins Revolution SF Make A Wish Kirk’s Rockin’ K Ranch
 3     FM Shine N Tag Chex 2011 Sorrel Colt Whiz N Tag Chex Shine With Wanda Fausto Mattioli (Lorenzo Lotti, Agent)
 4     Little Rooster Spark 2011 Brown Colt Gallo Del Cielo Shinning Little Angel Franco Mari (Lorenzo Lotti, Agent)
 6     Whizzing A Whey 2011 Sorrel Filly Whiz N Tag Chex Slide By Shiner Lorenzo Lotti
 11     Your Chex My Cash 2011 Chestnut Filly Big Chex To Cash Smart Stylish Ruby Lorenzo Lotti
 14     Smoke An Mirrors 2011 Dun/Overo Colt Spooks Gotta Gun Smokes Berry Sweet Vision Quest Reiners
 17     Who Whiz Reba (AQHA/APHA) 2011 Bay Filly Who Whiz It Sonata Sorrel Clint Haverty - Haverty Ranch
 19     Name Pending 2011 Palomino Colt Nu Chex To Cash Starlight Abita Lena Bozidar Ranch (The South Farm, Agent)
 21     Sunny Spin 2011 Sorrel Colt Jacspin Sunny Anson Jeffcoat Quarter Horses (The South Farm, Agent)
 23     The Chics A Star 2011 Sorrel Filly Hickory Chic Olena Tari San Peppy Star John Lloyd
 24     Electra Chic 2011 Sorrel Filly Jacs Electric Spark This Chics Mine Vision Quest Reiners
 26     Zirconia With A Twist (APHA) 2011 Sorrel/Overo Colt Like A Diamond (P) Twistin On Command (P) Terri & Allen Cravens (The South Farm, Agent)
 28     Wind Her Up Skeets 2008 Bay Mare Skeets Peppy Wind Her Up Doc Vaughn C. Zimmerman
 30     A Crome Revolution 2011 Black Filly Einsteins Revolution A Chic With Crome Guida Quarter Horses (Lorenzo Lotti, Agent)
 32     Sexy Walla Walla 2011 Buckskin Filly Walla Walla Whiz A Sexy Blond Terri & Allen Cravens (The South Farm, Agent)
 41     Theoretically Flashy 2011 Red Dun Filly Great Resolve Blair Flashy Larry Weihing (The South Farm, Agent)
 43     Legendary Code 2010 Sorrel Colt Custom Legend Caramel Coded Stuart & Stoney Russel (Yonathan Baruch, Agent)
 45     Name Pending 2011 Bay Colt Custom Legend Chuka Chic Sterling Ranch
 47     Guns Fancy Chex 2003 Bay Mare Nu Chex To Cash CR Guns Fancy Williamsen Horse & Cattle Co.
 49     West Coast Snap 2011 Bay Filly West Coast Whiz Definitely Snappy Kirk’s Rockin’ K Ranch
 54     Gun Going Downtown 2010 Sorrel Gelding Dun It Gotta Gun Downtown Tinseltown Jerry Kimmel
 57     Spin Whiz It 2011 Red Dun Filly Topsail Whiz Dun Spun Vision Quest Reiners
 63     Gunner Likes Diamonds 2008 Sorrel/Overo Mare Like A Diamond Gunners Magic Copy Hillary & Michael Guerriero
 64     Big Guns For Cash 2012 Sorrel/Solid Colt Big Chex To Cash Gunners Magic Copy Hillary & Michael Guerriero
 65     Master Striker 2011 Bay Filly Master Snapper Hollywoods Striker Guida Quarter Horses (Lorenzo Lotti, Agent)
 72     Joke N Juice 2011 Sorrel Filly Smart Like Juice Jokers Smokin Cody TP Farms
 73     Gotta Mitee Big Gun 2010 Dun Colt Dun It Gotta Gun Kizis Pine O Mite Scott Willis
 79     Shiners Lena Cash 2011 Sorrel Colt Shiners Lena Doc Lottatimecash David Hartman, DVM (Lorenzo Lotti, Agent)
 81     Name Pending 2011 Bay Filly Smart Spook Mis Taylors Tomthumb Sterling Ranch
 84     Hickory Train 2011 Sorrel Colt Hickory Chic Olena Misters Soul Train David Schlabach
 87     Montana In Tinsel 2011 Bay Colt Tinsel Nic Montanas Smart Chic Sterling Ranch
 88     Chex Out My Banjo 2011 Palomino Colt Banjo Whiz Mrs Chexinic Brad & Laura King (The South Farm, Agent)
 91     Gunners Magic Copy 1999 Sorrel/Overo Mare Colonels Smoking Gun Nickle Seeker Hillary & Michael Guerriero
 92     Annies Miss Skeet 2010 Sorrel Filly Skeets Peppy Oaks Little Annie Vaughn C. Zimmerman
 93     Pretty Juiced Up 2011 Sorrel Filly Smart Like Juice Oh Cay Shes Pretty Hannagan Farms
 95     This Bud Shines 2010 Bay Colt Nic It In The Bud One Shine Day Stan Willis
 96     Rumored Its A Spook 2011 Sorrel Filly Smart Spook Passing Rumors Sterling Ranch
 99     Walla Walla Gun 2011 Sorrel Colt Walla Walla Whiz Princess One Gun Kirk’s Rockin’ K Ranch
 100     Ben Juiced Up 2011 Sorrel Colt Smart Like Juice Roosters Tivio Hannagan Farms
 101     Gun Roper (AQHA/APHA) 2011 Sorrel/Overo Colt Colt Colonels Smoking Gun Roxanne Roper Vision Quest Reiners
 102     Gee Whiz Tag Me 2011 Bay Colt Whiz N Tag Chex Rush N Cat Lorenzo Lotti