2011 Special Section HUS Yearling Stakes Sale - Friday, September 9, 2011

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Hip# 31 - Suddenly A Class Act (POA)
 2011 Special Section HUS Yearling Stakes Sale
 Hip# Name Age Color Sex Sire Dam Consignor
 150     Iron Endeavors 2010 Brown Colt Iron Age Lukecrative Endeavor Gumz Farms Quarter Horses, LLC
 153     Tiz A Hot Lover 2010 Chestnut Gelding Hot N Blazing Lovers Holiday Jerry D. Erickson
 155     These Cheeks Are Hot 2010 Bay Filly These Irons Are Hot Global Attitude (TB) Gumz Farms, LLC Agt For Seaside Farms, LP
 156     Im Jazzed Up N Grey 2010 Gray Gelding Make Me Gray Im Full Of Jazz Sue Kapushion, Agent for Krista Wilson
 157     Ill Only Be A Minute 2010 Bay Gelding The Only Escape One Minute Please Gumz Farms Quarter Horses, LLC
 2011 Special Section Broodmares
 Hip# Name Age Color Sex Sire Dam Consignor
 105     Elite Mover 2004 Bay Mare Natural Iron Saucy Bona (TB) Gumz Farms Quarter Horses, LLC
 2011 Special Section Show Horses
 Hip# Name Age Color Sex Sire Dam Consignor
 70     Kool Hand Krymsun 2005 Chestnut Gelding One Hot Krymsun Legends Diamond Chip Patricia Blaine
 71     Indecent Propozal 2006 Bay Gelding Prinzziple Playgirls Investment Steve Heckaman, Agt. for Nicole Ruff
 73     Sheza Especial Gold 2006 Buckskin Mare Especial Black Gold Sheza Favorite Eleanor M. Blazer
 76     Only The Details 2009 Bay Colt Greatmindsthinkaluke Shining Detail Scott and Kim Kennedy
 82     Lifeofthecelebration 2008 Red Roan Filly Zippos Mr Good Bar DDS Party Girl Colt Boyd
 90     Always Double Down 2009 Sorrel Stallion Double Up Investment Ebony Invitation Jennifer Corea
 91     WSR Pure Country 2008 Bay Roan Mare Pure Dynamic Behaving On An Impulse Jennifer Corea
 93     Huntin A Reputation 2009 Bay Gelding Huntin For Chocolate Ms Kittys Deluxe Jennifer Corea
 2011 Special Section POA Yearling Ponies
 Hip# Name Age Color Sex Sire Dam Consignor
 22     TXS Puttin On The Ritz (POA) 2010 Chestnut Fill Salty Solar Array (POA) RY Zips Fancee Jewel (POA) Kristen Fears
 27     Dutch Pride 2010 Sorrel Gelding RY Major Equity (POA) R Dahlins Reward (POA) Rebecca Solberg / Jades Crossing, LLC
 29     OBR Color By Design (POA) 2010 Sorrel Leopard Colt OBR Slow By Design (POA) Santee Julianne (POA) Patty Koehler
 31     Suddenly A Class Act (POA) 2010 Sorrel Gelding Docís Sudden Impact (POA) SKH Sweet Decision (Q) Cindi Meehan
 36     Stroke Of Midnight (POA) 2010 Sorrel Filly Pal Cavalcade (POA) Suncrest Cinderella (POA) Spencer Livestock, Agt. for David Spencer
 40     Dun In Chocolate (POA) 2010 Dun Colt Chocolatey (ApHC) Shieks Sassy Bunny (POA) Amy Koehler
 43     One Hot Chip (POA) 2010 Sorrel Gelding TXS Chip N Array (POA) Honey Bun Smoke (Q) Kristen Fears
 46     Lough Downs Rio 2010 Sorrel Gelding Te And Te Finder (POA) Tough Maggie Moore (POA) John and Peggy Lough
 2011 Special Section POA Show Ponies
 Hip# Name Age Color Sex Sire Dam Consignor
 1     LVO Show Some Respect (POA) 2010 Bay Gelding Mister Respect (POA) VO Maids A Redhead (POA) Megan Hansen, Agt. for Harold & Joan Thomas
 2     OBR Ive Got Color (POA) 2006 Sorrel Mare Santee Shiek (POA) Misty Obsession (AQHA) Patty Koehler
 3     WR Only Go Big (POA) 2008 Chestnut Gelding The Gold Maker (POA) Aint Easy Bein Green (AQHA) Susan Woodley, Agt. for Margaret Woodley
 4     Nickajack (POA) 2000 Chestnut Gelding Country Coosa (AQHA) Richochet Back To Bounce (POA) Dave and Bonnie Morris
 5     Scarlets Note (POA) 2009 Leopard Filly Scarlets Rhett Butler (POA) Texas Golden Note (POA) Amy Koehler, Agent for Sherry Schuyler
 6     OBR Blazing Scotch (POA) 2009 Sorrel Colt OBR Sheiks Romeo (POA) OBR Scotch Supreme (POA) Patty Koehler
 7     Gold By Impulse (POA) 2003 Palomino Gelding A Sudden Zippo (AQHA) Classical Gold (POA) Susan Woodley
 8     OBR His Fancy Feather Two (POA) 2006 Bay Mare Santee Shiek (POA) His Fancy Feather Too Patty Koehler